One of the most popular open weave fabrics in India is the regal Kota Doria fabric. The weave derives its name from the region of Kota, where it is mostly manufactured and the word ‘Doria' that means thread. The fabric is distinguished for its square patterns more commonly known as Khats.

Some stories as to the origin of the Kota Doria claim that it originated in Mysore. In this narrative, it is claimed that the weavers migrated to the Rajasthan area with the aid of a Mughar general of the army and his son.

Initially, Kota Doria dress material was only used in the headgear adorned by royals. Over time, the fabric became a popular choice for other traditional garments as well. Kota Doria unstitched suits is considered an auspicious garment to be adorned during festivities. The Khat gives it the look of having a very distinguished checked pattern.

Kota Doria Dress Material
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However, it isn’t just the history of the weave or the pattern that makes Kota Doria dress material so loved by the people. The true magnificence of this weave lies in the quality of the fabric itself. Any Kota Doria dress you get for yourself will be extremely lightweight, making it a great choice for the dominantly hot Indian climate. The fabric is made from a blend of cotton and silk, however, unlike most such blends, it retains the best qualities of both these fabrics. The strength and firmness of cotton get added to this fabric, while silk contributes its transparency and lustre. But the biggest reason behind the success of Kota Doria suits and sarees is the softness that it retains, despite being a blend of cotton and silk.

The end product you get when you get yourself a garment made from a Kota Doria unstitched suits are something that looks rich enough to be worn at your most fancy occasions, yet is extremely comfortable, so much so that you’ll want to wear it every day. Such is the popularity of this fabric, that it is now a common feature in not just traditional women’s clothing, but also among men’s apparel. Many of the most loved accessory items like handbags to home furnishing items like lampshades and window coverings, also use the Kota Doria weave.

Kota Doria

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In women’s fashion, there was a time that Kota Doria sarees were the epitome of high fashion in this part of India. However, over the years, the weave has found its way into the world of salwar kameez and elaborate dupattas as well. A lot of the Kota Doria dress options that you get in the market also feature the popular Rajasthani mirror work.

If you’re someone who likes to drape themselves in simple elegance, the familiar cream or plain based Kota Doria Saree with golden Zari work at the border will be your go-to. For a more contemporary look, you can always get your hands on a festive Kota Doria suits, bright with its vibrant colours and floral butis.

Either way, when you get yourself Kota Doria dress material, you get yourself a regal perfection!