Cotton Dress Materials / Unstitched Suits

Your journey of customized fashion begins at Groza.


For decades now, style has meant garments that are customised to a person’s need and authentic self. What better way to do this than by getting customised ethnic wear made from cotton dress material that you can purchase at Ethnic suits made from fabrics you choose are perhaps the easiest way to attain the epitome of elegance, customised for you; that is the promise delivered by an unstitched cotton suit that you purchase from


The salwar kameez garment style that so much of the population of the world now relies on is believed to have gotten its origin in Persian. But the ease of style and comfort offered by this garment is probably the reason that it has gained unparalleled popularity in many parts of Central and Southern Asia. Over the decades this popularity has led to the creation of a multitude of styles and different works to adorn them, ranging from intricate embroidery and dazzling embellishments to dainty beadwork and exquisite handwork.


The basic unstitched suit fabric that you purchase from Groza will include fabric for a salwar, which is the pant, a kameez, which is the tunic or the Kurta, and a Dupatta or a scarf to be taken with the outfit. With the rising popularity of the cotton dress material garment style, one can see this clothing having been adapted in more than just its traditional design. You can see them enhanced and stylised by various means across the many regions, as varied as the dialects that are spoken here.


Many people tend to be hesitant when it comes to purchasing dress materials online. However, at Groza what you get is a variety of fabrics, all made from the highest quality of raw material. Our pure cotton dress materials are made in a variety of traditional types, ranging from Chikankari and Ajrak to Applique, hand block printing and so much more. We cater to a variety of colours, works, prints and patterns that you can use to style a garment that was not just made for you but also reflects your authentic and individualistic style. Our curation includes a wide range of fabrics, starting from chiffon and Kotadoria and ranging to pure cotton dress materials.


Fashion today is not just about stylised garments made alone in an assembly line, styled by one but made to somehow fit all. Fashion today is about creating a unique garment that allows you to express yourself and your identity, something that a ready-made garment will never allow you to do. When you buy printed cotton dress material online from Groza you support fashion sensibilities that are true to you, but also a multitude of local businesses. The tailor living in the alley next to your home will always give you a garment that doesn’t just fit you better, but also reflects you so much better. With pure cotton unstitched suits purchased at Groza, you don't get yourself a garment, you gift yourself endless opportunities in style and an endless capacity to be yourself.